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A Guide to Bitcoin Trading


The importance of money is increasing day by day with passing the time. Because the young generation seems to give value to other people regarding how much money they own so the money is no longer a need. It comes with many luxuries you can enjoy if you have a load of money in your pocket. Unfortunately, the importance of money has increased. However, a day is still 24 hours, so one searching for quick access to money should not rely on simple businesses because it makes a slow shift, and you will grow old with the desire for the money you wanted to earn in your life.

Trading through cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is a way better option than the usual business. Managing it is not a pain in the ass like other businesses. You don’t have to have a keen observation over this; just a bird’ eye view is enough. Many software and websites are also available, making it more straightforward than you ever thought off. You have to visit thebitcoincode.io/fr for trading bitcoin, and they will automate it for you according to your preferences.


Bitcoin trading and investment are two different things. Investment is buying Bitcoin and then waiting for a considerable period, which may be years. But the trading is doing the same thing but for a short period. You are just buying when the graph goes down and again selling when it’s up. You must know the pros and cons of Bitcoin trading before indulging yourself in it. To indulge yourself the first step is to be registered with any trading platform and then sign in to its app or website. There will be a minimal or very complex interface in front of your eyes. Whether minimal or complex, the one thing that will be common is the graph. There will be a live computerized graph to keep track of the changes in the market. The point to be noted is that most of the developers try to make the interface user-friendly.

In registration, you will have to fill a form that will include your Bio-Data and identity proof. These slots should be filled by you effectively because they will be verified by the staff and owner of the platform. Then an account will be made by app employees with your provided details. App employees will provide you with a user name and a password. Before starting trading, you must own some bitcoins to deal in the app. The purchase can be made by bank transfer, debit card, or Credit card. It is recommended to buy only a minimal amount of bitcoins because you are new in the game, ending with a significant loss. Chances of devastation are also high as the profit chances.

Selling and Buying

Now here comes the point of trade, which will be done by repetitive selling and buying. Just gather some information about the Bitcoin currency and how it works. Now you are capable of dealing in Bitcoin. As this is a decentralized currency, it has volatility. It goes up and down rapidly in terms of worth. As soon as you know a bitcoin is low, buy it and then when it goes up again, sell it and transfer profit into your wallet. Many options are advanced like you can follow the same trading strategy by successful traders. You can also set the points that when the currency sells the coins and this low purchase, new ones will be done effectively by computer in milliseconds.


When you are no longer immature in bitcoin trading, there are some protocols to follow. One is to make a portfolio. This portfolio will show your status and profit-generating abilities. This will provide you a good stand in the market, and you can rank yourself up to the mark. This will build up people’s trust in you, and you can have people hand over their money to you to invest and generate good profits and, after deducting a reasonable commission, return the profit to them. After so much success, you can also start a company, hire some employees, and teach them how to trade and generate profits. This is definitely a good business opportunity.

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