Togo-The government reduced the Covid-19 PCR test pice

In Togo, the price of the Covid-19 PCR test is now reduced and set at 25,000 FCFA, against 40,000 FCFA until then.

The Government officially announced on Wednesday July 07, 2021 through an interministerial decree, the new tariffs which immediately entered into force.

This decision is linked to the standardization of prices for PCR tests, advocated in January by the Heads of State of ECOWAS, to relieve the populations.

The Community Organization had then set at 27,000 FCFA (US $ 50) maximum, the cost of tests in the context of travel in space.

Payment terms are set by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and tests are carried out on the territory in laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health.

These are the National Institute of Hygiene of Lomé and Kara, the National Reference Laboratory for Mycobacteria of the Sylvanus Olympio University Hospital, the Mobile Laboratory of Gnassingbé Eyadéma International Airport, the BIOLIM / FSS Laboratory of the University of Lomé, the Kara University Hospital Laboratory, and the Dapaong and Sokodé CHR laboratories.

This list, specifies the Government, “can be updated by decision of the Minister of Health”.

With regard to travelers, “the request, certification of results and their transmission are made through the TOGOSAFE platform”.

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