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Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Togo signs another free roaming agreement with Ghana

Togo has recently entered into another significant free roaming agreement, this time with Ghana, following a similar agreement with Benin. Commencing from March 1, 2024, mobile phone users traveling between Togo and Ghana will enjoy reduced communication costs without the hassle of changing SIM cards, all thanks to the elimination of roaming charges.

Former Togolese Armed Forces Chief Faces Accusations in Colonel’s Murder Case

In Togo, the military tribunal continues the interrogation of the accused in the case of the assassination of Colonel Bitala Madjoulba, the chief commander of the first rapid intervention battalion. His body was found in his office on the morning of May 4, 2020, leading to an investigation and the arrest of several individuals.

New landmark roaming between Togo and Benin Republic

Togo and Benin have recently inked a significant roaming agreement. Starting from January 1, 2024, residents of both countries visiting each other will enjoy reduced communication expenses while retaining their SIM cards

Togo celebrates as ‘Made in Togo’ clothing exports to the USA commence

The Adetikopé Industrial Platform (PIA) has officially commenced the export of 'Made in Togo' clothing to the United States of America on Tuesday, October 10th. Togolese authorities are proudly hailing this new era.

Togo and EU hold political dialogue on key regional issues

On Monday, October 9th, Togo and the European Union held their second session of political dialogue in Lomé, within the framework of the new agreement between the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries and those in Europe.

Togo-Crackdown on Cybercrime : 13 Nigerians arrested in Lomé

Additionally, a group of 13 Nigerian cybercriminals was arrested on September 30th. They specialize in online scams, creating counterfeit profiles on social media to establish fraudulent romantic relationships.

Togo-Worries mount over parliamentary election delays

In Togo, there is growing concern as the terms of parliament members are nearing their end in just three months. However, there's still no official schedule set for the legislative and regional elections, which were originally planned for the year's end. This absence of clarity has raised worries among the opposition, prompting them to call for discussions to ensure a “smooth transition of power” in the country.

Togo signs visa-free agreement with Maldives, but challenges remain

While these agreements have undoubtedly expanded travel opportunities for Togolese passport holders, the need for visas to access many other countries remains a reality. While these agreements have undoubtedly expanded travel opportunities for Togolese passport holders, the need for visas to access many other countries remains a reality. In such cases, travelers often turn to services like iVisa to navigate the complexities of visa applications and ensure a smooth travel experience

Togo takes the helm of International Coffee Organization

Togo has assumed the presidency of the International Coffee Organization (ICO). Enselme Gouthon, Togo's Secretary-General of the Coffee and Cocoa Sector Coordination Committee (CCFCC), was officially appointed during the 5th World Coffee Conference held in India last week.

Togo to establish a new public university in the Plateaux region

Togo is preparing to establish a third major public university, in addition to those in Lomé and Kara. During the council of ministers on Wednesday, September 27, the government examined and approved a draft decree aimed at creating the University of Datcha in the Plateaux region.

Togo-Port of Lomé surges in global ranking despite traffic decline

Furthermore, Togo's port remains the top-ranked in West Africa and retains its sub-regional leadership position. So far, PAL is surpassed by the Port of Durban in South Africa (79th globally), Port Said in Egypt (48th), and Tanger Med in Morocco (24th).

Togo-English language Education to begin in primary schools

The primary objective of this move is to equip young learners with essential linguistic and communication skills in English. This decision aligns with Togo's broader strategy to diversify its global trade, following its recent inclusion in the Commonwealth just a year ago.

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Togo-Yacoubou Moutawakilou, condamné à mort et exécuté pour son engagement pour le Togo

Depuis ce triste jour du 13 janvier 1963 où Sylvanius Olympio fut assassiné, tous ceux qui ont essayé d´affronter la dictature en se mettant sur son chemin, furent impitoyablement éliminés. La liste de tous ces martyrs, assassinés d´une façon ou d´une autre, est longue. Les nombreuses tentatives depuis le début des années ´90 pour humaniser le pouvoir d´état et le rendre aux Togolais, n´ont pas pu résister à la terreur militaire, seule légitimité de la dictature du père en fils.