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Monday, December 5, 2022
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Summary of the history of Togo’s independence

Togo got independence on April 27, 1960. Sylvanus Olympio who was the Prime Minister since the elections supervised by the UN, became the President of the new Republic.

Togolese minister criticized for the Summit on transition and terrorism

While the Togolese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Robert Dussey took stock of the upcoming meeting as part of the summit that Lomé will host on political transition and the fight against terrorism in West Africa and the Sahel, it received a critical response on Twitter.

Togo-Amnesty International calls for authorization of demonstrations

Two years after the introduction of the first restrictions on the right to peaceful assembly justified by the Covid-19 pandemic, and while no more patients are in the care structures according to the authorities, Amnesty International Togo calls on the latter to lift the ban on gatherings of more than 15 people and therefore authorize demonstrations.

The Registration of Togolese abroad worries the opposition

The Togolese government has launched since March 8, the registration of Togolese living abroad. This census of the diaspora, which has never been done, causes controversy and fears, particularly within the political parties of the opposition.

Togo wants to modify the electoral code

In Togo, the electoral code is about to undergo a modification, within the framework of the next regional elections. The government adopted a bill to this effect on Monday.

Togo to organize a conference on political transitions and fight against terrorism

Togo is behind an initiative that will sound the death knell for crisis linked to terrorism and coups in Sahel and West African countries. An initiative that the General Secretary of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres strongly supports.

Togo’s former prime minister Houngbo appointed Chairperson of NRGI

The former Prime Minister of Togo, Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), the New York-based institution announced Thursday.

Togo-Faure Gnassingbé lost his French Advisor, Debbasch

Charles Debbasch, the lawyer and special advisor to the Togolese Head of State, Faure Gnassingbé bowed out last Saturday in Paris at the age of 84.

Ireland demands protection of one of its citizens jailed in Togo

Ireland urges the Togolese authorities to investigate allegations of torture against one of its citizens, Abdoul-Aziz Goma, a 52-year-old man from Togo, jailed for 3 years without trial.

An MP from Togo targeted by death threats and racist insults in France

The member of Parliament in the National Assembly of France, Patrice Anato ensures that he will file a complaint after receiving a threatening letter. The native of Togo explains that this is not the first time that he "or other colleagues" have received such "garbage" letters.

Togolese activist Jean Paul Omolou remanded in custody

The Togolese activist Jean Paul Omolou was presented to the examining magistrate on Friday. The latter decided to place him in pre-trial detention.

Togo-Another member of the opposition party arrested in Lomé

Jean-Paul Edoh Oumolou, member of Dynamique Mgr Kpodzro (DMK), one of the collaborators of Agbéyomé Kodjo, a candidate in the last presidential election in Togo was arrested on Thursday, we learn.

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