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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Togo-Parliamentary elections: Start of voter registration

As part of the parliamentary and municipal elections scheduled for this year in Togo, voter registration started on Saturday April 29, 2023 throughout the country.

A Togolese sends open letter to UN boss António Guterres

In this period of preparation for parliamentary elections in Togo, the Togolese politician Francis Pédro Amuzun, a municipal councilor, and presenting himself as "citizen of the world" again addresses António Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN).

Togolese opposition has crossed a new stage according to Brigitte Adjamagbo

The opposition in Togo held its first meeting in the capital Lome on Saturday in Lome after more than two years of prohibition. This new start was welcomed by the opposition leader Brigitte Adjamagbo-Johnson.

Togo confirms the reception of the former Burkinabè leader

The Togolese government on Monday confirmed the presence in Togo of the deposed leader of Burkina Faso, Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba

Togo–“We can only continue to demand a chance of government ”

Togolese activist Farida Nabourema has not said her last word on the governance in Togo. The leader of "Faure Must Go", has once again slammed the power of Lomé.

Togo-The government prohibits an opposition meeting

The meeting planned by certain political parties grouped within the Dynamic Monsignor Kpodzro (DMK) in the Bè district (Gulf 1) on this Saturday, is prohibited”, General Yark Damehame, Togo's Minister in charge of security and civil protection announced.

Togo-New modification of the Electoral Code and the Charter of political parties

In Togo, the electoral and political system has experienced once again an amendment. Members of Parliament adopted in plenary Tuesday to the Chamber two bills amending the Electoral Code and the Charter of political parties.

Summary of the history of Togo’s independence

Togo got independence on April 27, 1960. Sylvanus Olympio who was the Prime Minister since the elections supervised by the UN, became the President of the new Republic.

Togolese minister criticized for the Summit on transition and terrorism

While the Togolese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Robert Dussey took stock of the upcoming meeting as part of the summit that Lomé will host on political transition and the fight against terrorism in West Africa and the Sahel, it received a critical response on Twitter.

Togo-Amnesty International calls for authorization of demonstrations

Two years after the introduction of the first restrictions on the right to peaceful assembly justified by the Covid-19 pandemic, and while no more patients are in the care structures according to the authorities, Amnesty International Togo calls on the latter to lift the ban on gatherings of more than 15 people and therefore authorize demonstrations.

The Registration of Togolese abroad worries the opposition

The Togolese government has launched since March 8, the registration of Togolese living abroad. This census of the diaspora, which has never been done, causes controversy and fears, particularly within the political parties of the opposition.

Togo wants to modify the electoral code

In Togo, the electoral code is about to undergo a modification, within the framework of the next regional elections. The government adopted a bill to this effect on Monday.

Les plus populaires

Togo-Yacoubou Moutawakilou, condamné à mort et exécuté pour son engagement pour le Togo

Depuis ce triste jour du 13 janvier 1963 où Sylvanius Olympio fut assassiné, tous ceux qui ont essayé d´affronter la dictature en se mettant sur son chemin, furent impitoyablement éliminés. La liste de tous ces martyrs, assassinés d´une façon ou d´une autre, est longue. Les nombreuses tentatives depuis le début des années ´90 pour humaniser le pouvoir d´état et le rendre aux Togolais, n´ont pas pu résister à la terreur militaire, seule légitimité de la dictature du père en fils.