Russia referendums in Ukraine: Togo mentioned among the countries that sent observers

The Ministry of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine has listed eight countries including Togo, that they have provided observers for the controversial referendums, which Russia is conducting on Ukraine’s temporarily occupied territories.

The ministry has listed the eight nations on its website, among which are two African countries.

“The authorities of the Russian occupiers are making exceptional attempts these days to hold their sham referendums on the temporarily occupied territories at all costs. And they insist that these referendums will be transparent and legitimate. They have even invited foreign observers to this end,” the statement read.

“The Ministry of Reintegration and all relevant authorities, including law enforcement, already know their names. They are representatives of Russia itself, as well as Belarus, Syria, Egypt, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Togo and South Africa. In fact, they [these countries.] are participating in a collective crime against the sovereign independent state of Ukraine,” added authorities.

The ministry also pointed out that, in addition to a list of names of all participants in this crime, the Ukrainian authorities also have the exact addresses of all the so-called polling stations, the number of so-called voters attached to these polling stations, vote, detailed routes of occupants to collect votes, and even their car numbers and drivers’ personal data.

Kyiv therefore calls on law enforcement to investigate the evidence regarding the conduct of sham referendums in particular, the legitimacy of the entry, stay and operation of so-called foreign observers on the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories.

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