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Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Covid-19-Vaccine donations from the US to Togo increased to 900,000

Togo has received another 301,860 new doses of COVID-19 vaccine, bringing the total number of donations from the United States via Covax to 909,090

Togo-Access to administrative buildings is now subject to presentation of an anti-Covid-19 vaccination pass

In Togo, the Constitutional Court fully validated the draft order submitted by the government, relating to the 'presentation of proof of vaccination against Covid-19 to access administrative buildings'.

Togo receives new doses of Johnson & Johnson from African Union

Togo officially received on Monday, November 1, 2021, 475,200 new doses of Johnson and Johnson vaccine, provided through the African Vaccine Acquisition Trust (AVAT).

Togo among the countries with the best budgetary responses to Covid-19

Togo is one of the 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa that have provided a better budgetary and financial response to COVID-19, revealed the World Bank through its specialized magazine Africa's Pulse

Covid-19-Togo received new does of Sinovac vaccines

Togo officially received on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 702,000 new doses of the Chinese Sinovac vaccine.

Covid-19-US makes a third delivery of Pfizer vaccine to Togo

The Togolese authorities once again welcomed at Lomé airport this Sunday, new doses of vaccine against Covid-19, a donation from the United States of America

Togo lifts the quarantine imposed on travelers from seven countries

seven countries (Brazil, South Africa, India, United Kingdom, Russia, Portugal and Tunisia), were affected by this measure, which had been taken due to the circulation of Coronavirus variants in these areas of the world.

Togo-Covid-19 : How the government is making vaccination compulsory

Against Covid-19, Togolese government chooses "an aggressive vaccine strategy". The Prime Minister even argued in Parliament that it was necessary to play on "fear" to achieve its result.

Togo received new doses of AstraZeneca donated by Germany

Following the Sinovac and Pfizer vaccines received over the past week, Togo received on Thursday 101,760 new doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, donated by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Togo-Covid-19 : State of emergency extended by 12 months

Togo extended the state of health emergency by 12 months on Tuesday following the upsurge in new cases of coronavirus in recent weeks.

The US offers a second batch of COVID-19 vaccines to Togo

With this latest delivery, the United States has offered Togo a total of 305,370 doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID-19: New restrictions in Togo from this Friday

The Togolese Government on Thursday decided on new restrictive measures, as part of the fight against the coronavirus in the western African country.

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