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Togo-About 3 million students are returning to school today

Three million students and learners from general, technical, religious and vocational training are going back to school on Monday, September 27, 2021.

The 2021-2022 academic year officially begins today, in accordance with the timetable established by the Government.

As in 2020, this back-to-school period, which takes place in a context marked by the coronavirus, was the subject of special attention from the executive, recalled in his back-to-school message the minister in charge of the sector. educational, Dodzi Kokoroko.

Free registration and tuition fees, already effective in 2020, have been extended in particular to middle and high schools and public training centers, and the School Assur social protection program brought “to the heart of public preschool establishments”.

According to the government, the exceptional bonus for teachers has been linked to the reform of the General Civil Service Statute, and 2,250 new agents have been recruited, pending the imminent entry into training of 300 inspectors and advisers of all kinds. .

A few days ago, a process of strengthening human capital was initiated with the announced reforms of the Normal Schools of Teachers (ENI) and the Superior Normal School (ENS).

In terms of infrastructure, the Government plans to strengthen the capacities of the sector, with the construction of 30,000 classrooms throughout the country by 2025.

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