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Friday, September 30, 2022
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Togo-Opposition demands release of journalists and activist Fovi Katakou

We learnt on Saturday that Fovi Katakou, a Togolese activist has been arrested at his home by some armed men who claimed they are from Central Criminal Investigation and Research Service (SCRIC). The opposition parties keep demanding the release of this activist and that of the journalists detained recently.

Fovi Katakou’s arrest

At least three (3) vehicles identified as belonging to security forces, according to reports by Gapola, “blocked the road giving access to the home of Fovi Katakou” and took him “with his wheelchair”.

The same sources indicated that, the activist’s bedroom was combed through, and some items were taken away.

Fovi Katakou is being held there on charges of defending crimes, felony and misdemeanors, and inciting revolt against state authority, according to reports.

The member of «Nubuéké» movement arrest comes a day after the detention of journalists Joël EGAH and Ferdinand AYITE, respectively Director of Publication of the newspapers «Fraternité» and «L’Alternative».

The regime criticized for its “arbitrary arrests”

In a recent press release, Dynamique Mgr Kpodzro (DMK) demands the lifting of judicial control against Isidore KOUWONOU, Editor-in-chief of the bi-weekly L’Alternative as well as the release of activist Fovi Katakou and the two journalists.

The National Alliance for Change (ANC), intervening in this arrest, says it condemns this “worn-out strategy of one-stop thinking of intimidating or even throwing in prison any dissenting voice”.

This political party also demands in a new declaration, the release of Fovi Katakou and that of all political prisoners.

As a reminder, despite his disability, this is not the first time that law enforcement and security forces have called or arrested Mr Katakou for his opinions.

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