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Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Accueil ACTUALITES Togolese shocked by the customs tariffs at Lomé airport

Togolese shocked by the customs tariffs at Lomé airport

The Togolese Revenue Office (OTR) published a guide in which the rights and duties of travelers are mentioned. The institution recalled on taxes that are applied even on personal belongings.

In this publication, written as part of its mission to mobilize customs duties and taxes, the OTR sets “customs duty-free thresholds for goods at air borders” to, he explains, “allow travelers to know the rights they enjoy and the obligations incumbent on them”.

Therefore, the goods must be declared in detail, their owners are called upon to pay the duties and taxes due. And travelers are urged to “comply with the provisions relating to customs exemption thresholds in order to allow speed during customs formalities”.

These measures introduced at Lomé international airport are not going well, especially within the Togolese diaspora.

Togolese based in the United States and HCTE Delegate, Doctor Albert Kate deplores these impositions.

“The Togolese in the diaspora are shocked by the customs tariffs at Lomé airport on the personal belongings of travelers”, praying “the authorities (to…) be sensitive to the cries and grievances of our illustrious diaspora who deserve encouragement”. Will this call be heard?

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