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Accueil ACTUALITES A Chadian trader stabs a Togolese soldier to death

A Chadian trader stabs a Togolese soldier to death

A Togolese gendarme was fatally stabbed on Thursday by a Chadian trader who also injured a policeman. The Minister of Security and Civil Protection of Togo, Gal Yark Damehame, commenting on the case, communicated the circumstances of the tragedy.

According to him, the defendant is a Chadian, named Ousmane Mouhamed Aboubakar. The 51 years old is a thrift dealer at the big market in Lomé.

According to the press release, he “attacked with a knife two security force agents deployed within the security system of the large Adawlato market”.

Addressing the circumstances of this tragedy, Yark Damehame said that Mouhamed “went to the post located at the entrance to the Atikpodji market where he first stabbed a gendarme in the chest by surprise before wounding seriously his second, who is a policeman… then seized his victim’s weapon giving the impression of wanting to use it and thus creating a panic at the scene of the crime”.

Nevertheless, the attacker was brought under control by other agents alerted by the population and with the help of the population.

Unfortunately, one of the two injured officers succumbed to his injuries after being evacuated to intensive care at CHU Sylvanus Omlympio.

The Minister in charge of Security, thanking the population for its collaboration with the police, announced the opening of an investigation to elucidate the circumstances of the tragedy.

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June 4, 2022 11:36 am

He probably snapped under pressure from the security forces and took things in his own hands. One family is now missing a husband, father, son, uncle, friend, colleague etc. So sad.

Pom-pom girls!!!
Pom-pom girls!!!
June 4, 2022 2:25 pm
Reply to  Ahleras

You are right man !!!

June 4, 2022 2:50 pm
Reply to  Ahleras

Vraiment tragique toute vie perdue

Là-bas Lomé
June 4, 2022 11:35 pm
Reply to  Tovi

Tovi, nos soi-disant “forces de sécurité ” sont trop nuls!!! Rien que des bidasses man.geurs de chi.en, des nullards au même titre que leur boss, le fainéant Faure Dracula zieux hooonnn de hibou GNASSINGBE !!! Un individu muni seulement d’un couteau, neutralise 2 de ces bidasses man.geurs de chi.en qui eux, ont des fusils??? INCROYABLE !!!


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