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Saturday, April 1, 2023
Accueil ACTUALITES Togo to modify the costs of visas and residence permits

Togo to modify the costs of visas and residence permits

As part of the amendments relating to the foreign police in Togo, the government, on Monday, during the Council of Ministers examined two draft decrees relating to the modification of the costs of entry visas to the country and the residence permit.

These two decrees come in application of a text of law which was recently adopted on April 15, relating to the police of foreigners in Togo.

According to the government, the sole criterion used to determine the cost of visas is the length of stay of the applicant.

Two parameters will therefore be taken into account for the issuance of the residence permit, namely the duration of the stay and the profile of the applicant.

“A student who wants a residence permit will be placed in a category, a temporary visitor will also be placed in a category. Anyone with a longer stay will also be placed in another category. So depending on the duration, depending on the category in which one finds oneself, the cost of the residence permit will be fixed,” said the government spokesperson, Minister Akodah Ayéwouadan.

However, in general, the conditions of entry are “conditions of good character”, maintains the minister who specifies that a certain number of administrative documents will be required to establish the residence permit.

“There is no desire to restrict access to the residence permit, on the contrary, the idea is to make our country an attractive country without neglecting the security dimension”, Akodah added.

These new fees are expected to be communicated by the technical services of the Ministry of Security and Civil Protection.

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