British Togoland: a new message to King Charles III

Activists claiming the independence of the western part of the former Togoland sent a message to King Charles III on the occasion of his coronation this Saturday, May 6, 2023.

The “Togolanders” call on to the King who assumes the glories of Buckingham Palace, to complete what his ancestors started with regard to the independence of Togoland.

“It is necessary for us the indigenes of the Western Togoland, the erstwhile British Togoland or the United Nations Trust Territory of Togoland under British Administration to once again remind His Majesty and all the leadership of England that there is some unfinished business of his grandfather which her mother the late Queen Elizabeth II who had the chance to finish but could not have the courage to.”, read a press release published by the group on Friday.

According to the activists, the late Queen only referred their situation to the government of the United Kingdom in a letter dated 6, February 2019 which was signed by one Miss Jennie Vine, MVO (Deputy Correspondence Coordinator).

“So we are once again extending our call to your Majesty the King, to, for once and for all, gather the courage to step in and let the right things be done finally in this Western Togoland and Ghana tussle”, they say.

The document then listed a number of events, with a view to reminding the King of their history.

A few years ago many associations like the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) were born in Ghana. They engage in the Volta region for an independence of this part, up to the north of the country. Despite the death of their leader, Charles Kudzordzi in 2021 and the imprisonment of several sympathisants, the HSGF maintains its position.

King Charles III met with Commonwealth leaders of on Friday at Marlborough House ahead of his coronation.

He has described the Commonwealth as a ‘cornerstone’ of his life, expressing his unwavering support for the values, people and countries of the Commonwealth.

King Charles III meets Commonwealth leaders on May 5, 2023 in London.

At their Heads of Government Meeting in 2018, Commonwealth Leaders decided that he would succeed Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as Head of the Commonwealth, and he acceded to the role upon her death in September 2022.

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