Poor living conditions of Togolese workers in Yemen and Oman

The Martin Luther King Movement (MMLK) has issued this week, an alert to the Togolese authorities citing the “deplorable” living and working conditions of Togolese domestic workers in Yemen and Oman.

The Martin Luther King Movement calls for repressive measures against illegal smugglers and recruiters who send young people to Gulf countries, especially Yemen and Oman where “the working and living conditions of Togolese domestic workers continue to deteriorate”.

According to information from the MMLK, these countries sadly stand out for the lack of respect for human rights and are now the center of attraction for flagrant violations of the rights of domestic workers.

“The conditions are deplorable and inhuman with more than 20 hours of work a day, no rest or leave for a salary 3 times less than what is mentioned and agreed with the recruiters. They work in several houses and are sometimes victims of sexual abuse and harassment,” says the movement.

“As soon as they demand better working and living conditions, they are easily and falsely accused of disobedience and theft and quickly handed over to the security forces to be imprisoned (the system is almost the same in all the Gulf countries). Everything suggests that employers have the right to life and death over female employees and as proof, the travel documents and assets of the latter are confiscated by their bosses, who can easily lock them up according to their mood,” the statement added.

While inviting Togolese youth to be cautious and vigilant, the MMLK asks that the perpetrators of these actions be prosecuted and punished. Meanwhile the government must take care of it to put an end to their businesses.

The MMLK urges Togolese youth to exercise caution and remain vigilant, while also calling for the prosecution and punishment of those responsible for these actions. Additionally, it is essential for the government to address this issue promptly and effectively in order to eradicate their illicit activities.

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