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Togo’s former chief of staff Katangha sentenced to 20 years

After a lengthy deliberation, the verdict was delivered late on Tuesday evening in the trial of Colonel Madjoulba’s murder. Colonel Madjoulba was found dead on May 4, 2020, in his office shortly after attending President Faure Gnassingbé’s swearing-in ceremony. In a courtroom heavily guarded by security forces, General Abalo Kadangha, the former Chief of Staff of the Togolese Armed Forces, along with Corporal Chief Songuine Yendoukoua, the deceased’s driver, and Colonel Kodjo Ali, were convicted.

Contrary to the prosecutor’s request, the jury sentenced General Abalo Kadangha to twenty years in prison, while Corporal Chief Songuine Yendoukoua and Colonel Kodjo Ali received 15 years of imprisonment each. The prosecution had sought much harsher sentences of fifty and forty years of imprisonment, respectively.

Additionally, Commander Balakyème Bouwè, the leader of the military security unit, and soldier Laletou Akouna were both sentenced to five years in prison. All five convicted individuals, who were military personnel, were found guilty of complicity in murder, obstructing the proper functioning of justice, and conspiring against the internal security of the state. As a consequence, they have been dismissed from the military and have lost their military status.

Furthermore, the court ordered all five to pay a symbolic sum of 1 franc to the family of the late Colonel Bitala Madjoulba. Additionally, they are collectively obligated to pay the sum of 1 billion CFA francs to the Togolese state as compensation.

However, Lieutenant Colonel Senam Agbonkou, the former second-in-command to Colonel Bitala Madjoulba, and Commander Kpatcha Atèkpè, the deputy to the commander of the military security unit, were acquitted of all charges.

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