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Togo-Parliament approves digitalisation of criminal record

The Togolese parliament authorized on Tuesday March 31, 2021 the establishment of an automation procedure during the fourth plenary session of the first ordinary session of the year 2021.

This means, citizens of Togo, will no longer need to travel from their residence to their place of birth, for example when it comes to obtaining a criminal record (bulletin n ° 3).

The law thus adopted will make it possible to boost the services of the judicial system while bringing it closer to the populations, which allows it to spend less.

Moreover, automation ensures the reliability and reduced latency often required for the issuance of this document.

For Yawa Djigbodji Tsegan, speaker of the Parliament, “Thanks to the new provisions, it will be possible for all Togolese to submit online, the request, the payment and the processing of criminal records, by simply connecting via a smartphone, tablet or a computer ”.

However, the system cannot be operational from April as foreseen in the document submitted to Parliament.

And for good reason, IT development and data collection require much more time according to the Minister of Justice, Pius Kokouvi Agbétomey.

The adoption of this bill represents for the Togolese government a new step in the process of setting up a digital administration.

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