Togo- “There’s NO boundary between Togo and Ghana” Togoland activists

While the Togolese and Ghanaian authorities dialogue to avoid border conflicts, Western Togoland independence seekers believe that the two West African countries do not share any border.

The intervention comes days after Ghanaian media reports that the country is taking steps “to prevent escalation of boundary disputes with Togo”.

“With this release, we wish to alert the Ghana Boundary Commission to be mindful of the Western Togoland issue as it continues its works. We also wish to alert the Togolese government that they should not be oblivious of the prevailing situation regarding the second portion of the Togoland.” , said the Director of Communication of Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), George Nyakpo in a press release.

In the statement punished this Sunday, April 25, 2021, the group insisted that “There is NO boundary between the Republic of Togo and Republic of Ghana.”

Below is their full media release:

0 thoughts on “Togo- “There’s NO boundary between Togo and Ghana” Togoland activists

  1. Ghana’s boundary ends up in their Eastern region which shares boundary with Western togoland
    For this reason they don’t have any boundary dispute to settle with French togoland
    The French togoland must not forget that togoland was divided into two after the ww2 where the allied forces of France and Britain split territories of Germany including Germany herself
    Just last year Germany celebrated 30years of reunification what happened to the torritories of togoland

    1. the togoland was divided during the first wolrd war in 1914 not during the ww2. and at that time there were only one germany.

  2. The Togolese goverment must to stand up and help ours brothers of Western Togoland to out from Ghana goverment oppression. Togoland is one and the western and eastern has one people.

  3. Togoland a country on its own that had nothing to do with Gold Coast changed to Ghana. Of course no boundary between Togo and Ghana because Eastern région in Ghana shared boundary with Western Togoland. Q

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