Togo launched a Window for Diaspora contribution in development

Two years after setting up a High Council for its diaspora, Togo officially launched on Monday “a flexible and inclusive platform capable of responding to the demands and expectations” of its citizens living abroad who carry out projects, in order to boost their contributions to the country’s development.

The mission of this window launched by the Togolese Minister of Foreign Affairs is to “develop measures and strategies to encourage Togolese living abroad to carry out projects in Togo, to attract investments to the mother country and thus participate in economic development, social and cultural of Togo by promoting its influence in the world ”.

“It is responsible for encouraging the savings of Togolese abroad for investment purposes in Togo, to promote the emergence of groups of investors within the Togolese community from abroad, to mobilize investors and other international partners ”, indicated the Minister Robert Dussey during its launch.

According to the government, several projects in favor of the diaspora are pending. Most of them are planned for the next two years:

Establishment of a platform for the placement of Togolese Abroad in national and international public structures and in multinationals, establishment of various support tools (Observatory of the Togolese Diaspora, Project facilitation guide, Guide to support mechanisms and access to funding).

The installation of an incubator dedicated to the diaspora and a support platform for partners within the framework of decentralized cooperation, as well as the creation of an investment fund for Togolese people in the region.

“All these initiatives bear witness to the Government’s commitment to making the Diaspora an important and privileged actor in development. And the desire for development remains a wish if it is not translated into a program and action plans, ”he added.

According to the figures published by the government, Togolese Abroad transferred about $ 441 million to the country in 2020, despite the pandemic Covid-19.

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