Togo is hosting ‘Small Touches For Our Planet’ project

Climate activists from European countries, Greece, Turkey, India and Uruguay have been meeting in Togo, precisely in Kpalimé, since July 24, as part of the ‘Small Touches For Our Planet’ (STOP) project.

This international meeting, which will end next Monday, will see the participants discuss the issue of climate change. The main objectives of the project are:

• To create synergies by giving social messages about climate change,

• To raise awareness about carbon and water footprints,
• Discussing behaviors and practices that damage the cycle of nature,
• To investigate and spread the effects of climate change on nature and ecosystem,
• To research and exhibit the natural events of the last 20 years, directly related to climate change.

The initiative is supported by the Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project in field of Youth co-funded by European Union

“Small Touches for Our Planet, is the need to develop social awareness about climate change that threatens our future and to take responsibility for each individual ”, the organisers said.

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