Togo launches electronic visa for travelers

In Togo, the e-visa or electronic visa is now available for travelers. The government officially announced this Thursday, June 30, 2022, the launch of the document, as well as the update of the national travel platform,

From now on, explains the executive, “any individual wishing to enter or leave Togolese territory must first go to the site to complete their immigration form (compulsory for any entry and any exit from the territory), carry out, if necessary where applicable, a visa application if he/she is a national of a country for which entry into Togo requires a visa, and declare his/her vaccination status and/or register to carry out a Covid-19 PCR test…”.

Other functionalities are also available on the platform, such as the possibility for travelers to create an individual account with a password, allowing them to save their personal information (names, contact details, passport numbers), thus reducing formalities for each trip.

According to the government, the system will be extended to land and sea borders later this year.

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