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Accueil ACTUALITES Togo-Voters registration: the opposition warns about the participation of foreigners

Togo-Voters registration: the opposition warns about the participation of foreigners

The Togolese opposition group, the Dynamics for the Majority of the People (DMP) released a statement on Thursday about its remarks relating to the ongoing voters registration inside the country. The DMP denounces the Registration of minors as well as foreigners on the electoral list.

As part of the parliamentary and regional elections scheduled for this year in Togo, voter registration began at the end of April.

The operation, which has resumed inside the country since May 20, 2023, is also the subject of criticism, like those in the capital Lomé where many have not been able to obtain voter’s ID cards due to malfunctioning machinery and lack of equipment.

On the sixth day of the activities in this area, which covers the entire plateau region and a large part of the central region, the opposition said it had noticed “a great mobilization of the populations” to obtain voters’ ID cards and rejoices.

This ” confirms that the sensitization that our militants and other political actors are carrying out with the population is bearing fruit,” reads the press release.

However, the DMP deplores other shortcomings in the operation. Among other things, the group of political parties denounces the registration of foreign citizens and those under 18, which is against the law.

“The consequences are that many registrations centers were unable to start operations on time. Several hours or even a whole day were once again lost for the effective start of voter registration. The frequency of machine breakdowns, the recurring shortages of supplies and consumables as well as paper for printing cards, gasoline for generators have not been resolved to date,” complains the DMP.

“Illegal registrations of foreigners and minors continue despite our protests. Cases of enlistment of minors are noted in several places, particularly in the prefectures of Kloto, Akebou (locality of Adjikrom and Agbedikpe), Moyen Mono (Canton of Ahassomè village of Kpetchihoué)…. Cases of enlistment of illegal foreigners have also been observed in the localities of Sotouboua”.

Originally scheduled to end this Saturday, voters registrations in this area have been extended by the electoral commission until Monday, May 29, 2023.


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May 29, 2023 9:07 am

That is interesting, how to verify?

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