Togo-Elections : some opposition parties to move forward despite controversies

Despite the controversy surrounding voter registration in Zone 1, Greater Lomé, opposition parties in Togo have decided to move forward. While some prefer radical approach, such as protests and procedures, others take a more measured attitude: To take part in the race.

In a statement signed by ADDI, CPP, Santé du Peuple, MCD, UDS and PSR, the political parties expressed their dissatisfaction with the arguments put forward for not resuming the voter’s registration.

  “We consider that the arguments put forward for not resuming the registrations are not convincing (…) Nevertheless for the future, we believe that a certain number of measures must be taken in order to avoid the repetition of these unfortunate and recurring situations“, read the press release.

The parties have therefore expressed their willingness to move on and start preparing for the organization of the regional and parliamentary elections that would take place this year.

Several Togolese citizens eligible to vote could not register on the electoral list organized a few months ago. One of the main causes was the lack of equipment , especially in zone 1, Greater Lomé.

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