Togo-twelve soldiers killed in a new attack in the North

The north of Togo was once again bereaved following an attack that caused the death of at least twelve soldiers on Monday, July 17 2023.

According to several media, it occurred while the soldiers were traveling around noon aboard six Jeeps in the village of Sankortchagou, located in the prefecture of Kpendjal, about ten kilometers from the border with Burkina Faso.

The soldiers were allegedly ambushed by heavily armed fighters. Seriously injured, without their number being specified, were evacuated to the regional hospital center of Dapaong.

The offensive has not been claimed, but all eyes are on the jihadists of the Support Group for Islam and Muslims (GSIM). Since January, this group, a subsidiary of Al-Qaeda in the Sahel, has admitted being behind ten attacks out of the fourteen that have been carried out in Togo, the last four having not been claimed and their perpetrators never identified.

They all occurred in the Savanes region and resulted in the death of 64 people, according to Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (Acled), an NGO specializing in information gathering and data analysis in conflict zones.

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