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Monday, March 27, 2023
Accueil ACTUALITES Togo participates in the 5th international conference on taxation in Africa

Togo participates in the 5th international conference on taxation in Africa

Since Wednesday 03 November 2021, Togo has been taking part in the 5th international conference on African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF).

The virtual event takes place under the theme of “domestic resource mobilization”.

For three days, the various tax administrations will discuss the measures and means to be implemented to meet the challenge posed by the digitization of public space.

During this meeting, experts will imagine and to design a new model more adapted and responding more effectively to the collection of taxes from the taxpayers.

For Togo, which has made the reform of its tax system a priority in the mobilization of resources, the long-term objective is to increase compliance with tax obligations, reduce tax evasion, and reduce administrative burdens and facilitate fiscal decentralization.

A year ago, the country of Faure Gnassingbé was brought to the presidency of the Forum on African Tax Administration (ATAF), through the Commissioner General of the OTR, Philippe Kokou Tchodie.

The organization, created in 2008, acts as a platform for cooperation between African tax authorities.

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