The second election of the high council of Togolese abroad launched

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and Togolese Abroad, Prof Robert Dussey launched this Monday, July 18, 2022, the electoral process of the High Council of Togolese Abroad (HCTE).

The mandate of the current members of the HCTE coming to an end in November 2022, a new electoral process is therefore launched today.

This new election will lead to the appointment of country delegates for the second term which runs from 2022 to 2025.

The start of the process was marked by a presentation by the head of Togolese diplomacy. He launches a solemn appeal to all his compatriots who freely wish to stand as candidates or to be voters to mobilize and consult the site where all relevant information is published.

In his launch speech, Robert Dussey also congratulated the Togolese who, as pioneers, agreed to participate in the first term.

“We already knew that the adventure would not be easy for them. But we were far from imagining that just a few months after their installation, the Covid-19 health crisis would put a brake on the implementation of the action plans of the country delegates. Despite this difficult context, the result is more than satisfactory. “, he said.

“Despite the encouraging results, we must recognize that there are still significant challenges ahead. No human work being perfect, we, as an administration, have learned from this first experience. Innovations have been made to the system to improve it and strengthen its effectiveness, taking into account the realities on the ground,” Prof. Dussey added.

According to the Minister, in order to have a much tighter group to facilitate interactions and decision-making, the number of country delegates has thus decreased from 77 to 48, at the rate of 22 for Africa, 5 for America-Caribbean zone, 7 for the Asia-Oceania zone and 14 for Europe.

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