Dual Сitizenship in 2022 : Where and Who is Allowed to Get It?

If you are reading this article, you have decided to apply for dual citizenship. But maybe you are faced with the difficulties of finding out if it is allowed in the country of your original and future citizenship. The Global Citi-Zen experts will provide you with detailed information on how countries treat dual citizenship in accordance with their laws. You will also learn the identification document of which country with dual citizenship should be used while traveling and where it is possible to obtain dual citizenship in 3-4 months through investment in luxury real estate. Here we go!

What Is Dual Citizenship?


Dual citizenship means that a person has the legal status of a citizen of two states at the same time in accordance with the laws of these countries. The most widespread option to get a second passport is citizenship-by-investment programs. Only the states where dual citizenship is allowed can provide such a program. 

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs are popular for a variety of reasons, and SchengenVisaInfo.com cites research by AAA Associates Immigration Services as saying that “the vast majority of such schemes are robust and provide significant flexibility for traveling.” 

So if you are looking for available options to get dual citizenship through investment, you need to communicate with the migration services like Global Citi-Zen, where the experts in this area could help you with your issues and answer all the questions. 

Who is allowed to obtain dual citizenship?


Over the past 20–30 years, there has been a global change in views on dual citizenship from a complete ban to its permission. Currently, 135 countries recognize dual citizenship with all or a limited number of countries for persons who have acquired citizenship by birth or inheritance. 

5 states do not legally prohibit obtaining citizenship of another country, but at the same time they consider a person as a citizen only of their own country. The laws of some countries restrict a number of rights to persons with dual citizenship. For example, they prohibit serving in their armed forces or holding certain government and executive positions.

In 60 states, dual citizenship is prohibited by law, and can also lead to criminal liability or automatic loss of citizenship. Some states make exceptions in certain cases (for example, automatic acquisition at birth) or leave dual citizenship until adulthood (when a person is required to make a choice by renouncing one’s citizenship).

Most countries allow you to renounce your citizenship voluntarily, in other states this possibility is completely absent.

Top 10 Countries where You can Get Dual Citizenship in 2022


  1. Antigua and Barbuda — Dual citizenship is permitted by the country’s constitution.
  2. Vanuatu — Since 2013, dual citizenship has been allowed in Vanuatu, but only for those who have registered their status in the Citizenship Commission.
  3. United Kingdom — Dual citizenship is allowed in the UK.
  4. Spain — Dual citizenship is permitted for all Spaniards of origin if they declare their desire to retain Spanish citizenship within three years of acquiring another citizenship. This requirement does not apply when obtaining citizenship from Latin American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or France, or any other country with which Spain can sign a bilateral agreement. Foreign citizens acquiring Spanish citizenship must renounce their previous citizenship.
  • Portugal — The state allows dual citizenship.
  • Grenada — Dual citizenship is allowed.
  • Dominica — This country fully recognizes dual and multiple citizenship.
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines — Dual citizenship is allowed here.
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis — Dual citizenship has been allowed in Saint Kitts and Nevis.
  • Saint Lucia — The local government recognizes dual citizenship.

Please note that the above lists are based on open source research and are for informational purposes only. The countries often change the rules on dual citizenship by amending the legislative framework. Check the website of the government or contact migration agents to find out if dual citizenship is currently allowed or if there is a ban on obtaining the citizenship of another state.

How to Obtain Dual Citizenship? 


Each country sets its own methods and conditions for obtaining citizenship. Individuals may acquire dual citizenship automatically (for example, by birthplace or by right of blood) or upon approval of an application for citizenship of another country (for example, through registration and naturalization).

Real estate investors have a unique opportunity to diversify assets and obtain dual citizenship through a reliable citizenship program in Dominica, Portugal, Grenada and several other countries. To learn about all the benefits of investing in real estate and obtaining citizenship in another country, contact the Global Citi-Zen experts.

Which passport should be used while traveling in case of dual citizenship?


Having received second citizenship, a person has the right to apply for a passport. Travelers with dual citizenship usually take both passports with them and use the one that takes part in the elections of countries.

In most countries, at the border control when entering and leaving the state, it is required to present the same passport for affixing the appropriate marks or complex documents. This allows the state to investigate whether the foreign guest has overstayed his stay in the country.

When visiting a country where you have citizenship, as a rule, you are required to enter and exit only on the passport of that country. Many non-compliance offenses are subject to criminal prosecution or other penalties ranging from fines to criminal liability.

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