Togo-Investigative journalist Ferdinand Ayité awarded at the 2021 TRACE Prize

Ferdinand Ayite of L’Alternative magazine in Togo earned an honorable mention for his Pétrolegate investigation, which found serious financial malpractice among Togolese government officials in charge of importing and pricing petroleum products.

A new distinction which delights Ferdinand Ayité. “This award is a new international recognition for the difficult work of investigative journalism that we have been doing at L’Alternative for years, in a very difficult Togolese context, and for which we are facing adversities of all kinds from different public and private actors ”.

The Togolese investigative journalist considers “this new distinction, after others that we have already received in the past, as a call to persevere in the type of courageous journalism in the service of good governance that we have decided to practice to L’Alternative ”.

“Even in the face of 2020’s chaotic circumstances, investigative journalists persisted,” TRACE President Alexandra Wrage said.

“We commend the important work they do: their bravery, resolve and ingenuity. The TRACE Foundation extends its gratitude to our judges and admiration for our 2021 Prize for Investigative Reporting recipients and their important work “, She added.

The judging panel for the 2021 TRACE Prize for Investigative Reporting included William Gumede, Diana B. Henriques, Rosebell Kagumire, Peter Klein, Donatella Lorch and Jorge Luis Sierra.

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