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Thursday, August 11, 2022
Accueil ACTUALITES Togo requires Covid-19 vaccination pass at its borders

Togo requires Covid-19 vaccination pass at its borders

The Togolese government requires at its borders a Covid-19 vaccination pass for all those who are fully vaccinated in other countries.

The note is dated July 22 and bears the signature of the Secretary General of the Togolese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is addressed to ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions of Togo abroad.

It asks them to inform the countries of their respective jurisdictions that Togo has implemented a vaccination certificate based on a QR code for anyone who has completed their vaccination series in the country.

Steps are therefore taken to ensure reciprocity of the certificate with countries which adopt the introduction of a vaccination certificate.

This means that since July 22, the date of signature of this letter, entry into Togolese territory is subject to the presentation of a negative PCR test against Covid-19 dating less than seven days.

The Togolese authorities also require an up-to-date international vaccination certificate, according to international health regulations (IHR) as well as a digital and verifiable Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

The note finally specifies that on its borders, Togo does not recognize, for the moment, the certificate of cure for those who have contracted the coronavirus.

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