Togo to battle against Fake news on Covid-19 vaccines

The Togolese Minister of Communication, Akodah Ayewouadan, officially launched a few days ago, a Program to fight against disinformation around covid-19 vaccines.

The initiative, led by the US Embassy in Togo, supports government communication and the vaccination campaign.

The objective is in particular to strengthen the discourse and awareness on the merits of the vaccination strategy, and the safety of the doses of vaccines administered to the populations.

“Our responsibility is not to be fooled by overly simplistic and false solutions to this complex health crisis. The Togolese Government is taking the necessary measures to ensure that anti-covid19 vaccines meet standards and remain accessible ”, started the Minister.

In addition to this new program hailed by the Ministry of Health, other similar initiatives carried by the media and private sector actors, were already fighting against disinformation on Covid-19.

The West African country officially launched its vaccination campaign on March 10, 2021.

As of July 21, Togo recorded 14,769 confirmed cases of covid-19 of which 734 are still active, 13,895 people healed and 140 deaths.

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