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Togo-Covid-19 : State of emergency extended by 12 months

Togo extended the state of health emergency by 12 months on Tuesday following the upsurge in new cases of coronavirus in recent weeks.

The government had asked for a six-month extension. But the parliament unanimously approved the request, but gave it 12 months to “carry out the fight against the pandemic”.

“The National Assembly has taken its responsibility by giving the government a large period of time to carry out this fight properly,” declared Yawa Djigbodi Tségan, president of the Assembly.

“The particular context, which goes beyond the framework of the day-to-day management of the State, nevertheless requires that we be able to have all the tools to make appropriate decisions and react promptly and act effectively for the protection of the population. », Supported Prime Minister Victoire Tomégah-Dogbé.

She called on the population to “massively” adhere to the vaccination campaign, which began on March 10. “The vaccine doses are available, everyone does their part,” she said.

Declared in early April 2020, the state of health emergency has already been extended several times.

Togo has identified 23,778 cases of Covid-19, including 207 deaths and 18,746 cured patients, according to official figures released Monday evening.

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