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Monday, June 27, 2022
Accueil ACTUALITES Togo wants to modify the electoral code

Togo wants to modify the electoral code

In Togo, the electoral code is about to undergo a modification, within the framework of the next regional elections. The government adopted a bill to this effect on Monday.

The text, which follows the recognition a few days ago of the regions as local authorities, should make it possible to mark out the way a little more for these electoral deadlines scheduled for this year.

Concretely, the amendment introduced defines the prefecture as an electoral constituency for the election of regional councillors. The number of regional councilors will be distributed by prefecture for their election, and the number of substitutes is revised upwards.

For the executive, this modification will guarantee better representation of the territories of the region within the regional council.

As a reminder, the regional elections will complete the decentralization process undertaken since 2019.

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